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Self Care

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Quality Ingredients for a great scent throw

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Weddings, Baby Showers, Celebrations

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Lit Unity Is

The true way to happiness is to be whole within yourself!
Lit Unity LLC was created specifically for that reason! To create and maintain a unified level of consciousness with SELF.
As a driving force in my business, with balance everything is better!
YOU matter! Your NEEDS, WANTS, and Desires all MATTER!
My goal with my business is to promote positive forms of SelfCare, provide a quality product with proceeds to sponsor and host events and opportunities that bring us all together celebrating the beauty in Self Love & True SELF CARE!
Events focused on Spirituality, Mental & Physical Health & Happiness! In order to be happy all aspects of your life need a balance.
Lit Unity LLC is involved in educating overall wellness for the overall personal growth of the MIND, BODY & SOUL!

Scented Feedback

Our candle smelled divine, didn't over crowd the air and lasted forever!!! Better than Yankee candle


LitUnity Candles smell so good and fills the entire room with a sweet but calm aura. I’ve placed one in my sacred space for when I’m working, meditating, or praying. Next time you want to ease your mind, focus, and relieve stressors light up a LitUnity Candle.


I Love my Clean Cotton wax melts!
Everyday I come from work and turn on my candle warmer and enjoy the scent! Keep up the good work!





Bond Fire Journaling Workshop! 


Open writing and mindfulness during an open fire!