Unity of Consciousness


by Shontei Hampton on Sep 11, 2019


Lit Opportunities Valuing Everyone! 


After careful consideration Lit Unity will be hosting more "LIT" events this year. We have also felt the need to explore ways to uplift and inspire others while reaching a sense of #RichHappiness. Whats the point in going forward if one can't be happy doing what they love. 

What Life opportunities are you looking to be involved in?! 

Life is full of experience. What experiences have made a positive life changing impact on your life?! 

Looking to be engaged in self care that brings you happiness?!

Well Lit Unity has some great events coming your way! Lets end 2019 carrying over nothing but greatness into 2020!!!! 

The first event we will be hosting will be a "BOND Fire" an opportunity for us all to come together around an open fire for "Open Heart Talk", Mindfulness, and Bonding time. 

More details to come.

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