Stay Lit in all that you are

Habits of LOVE

I Noticed life was getting tough. 

I Noticed I needed some attention. 

It wasn't until the bottom of all the weight I was carrying felt so cold that I decided to make a choice in making ME a priority. I needed to feel Love and I realized that LOVE wasn't going to come from anywhere but from within myself 1st. 

I Noticed a change in my Feelings.

I Noticed a change in how others viewed me when I CHOSE ME.

For the first of now many times I was able to say "NO" to others and "YES" to myself! 


Remember to take the stairs to Self Love.... It is so much more rewarding! 

All progress takes place outside your comfort zone! 

MOTIVATION gets you started. 

HABIT keep you going. 




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  • I can FEEL the love through Litunity candles every time I light them! Definitely more than just a candle!

    Miesha M Lesperance

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