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New Year New Me

Smile, its your time to shine! 

Another year completed with plenty of thoughts of all of what 2021 was that we enjoyed. A slight reference of what we didn't enjoy that actually made a great impact on who we are and have been during this communicative period of progressive thoughts and new behaviors.

Virtual communication, limited physical social interactions, major health scares all gave insight on the power we all possess within ourselves. WE DID IT!  

For I wasn't special until I met just who it was I desired to be. Saying with all the emotional being I hold to not only imagine but also take notice on what it was I needed to progress forward with all that I already had.

Forced to sit within.

Traveling within timezones without leaving home. 

Feeling lost many times during this past year due to the uncertainty of just not being sure what was to come based on societal norms, new regulations and obsessive mandates. It was not too long into the pandemic where the reality set In that life was changing whether I was ready or not.

I AM grateful to say that the eye can see what the eyes can't see. The inner spirit hears what the ears can't. 

Learning to not run away from all the things We rightfully want is how we manifest our desires. As the work is being done we can't change the past. We're deep swimming without a way to escape. Let’s take honor and love into continuing progressively.
Why do I choose to? 


ALL of this is the New Me! 


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