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Meet Our Curator


Hi Flame members,

I AM Tei! A lover of Self. A Jersey girl who lives for positive connections. In life comes challenge, with those challenges comes experience! That is exactly what I want for you to receive when you light a Lit Unity candle.

An escaped experience created by me for YOU!

An added plus for the experiences to be pleasantly scented with Love!
Hand poured soy wax candles blended with quality essential and fragrance oils. Each candle is labeled with a reminder of just how Rooted in Love you already are.

With over 10 years of experience in the human services and public health fields, there is a need for more safe spaces to utilize tools of support and promotion of positive self care; while removing the negative stigma and false myths which surrounds mental health. 

Self Care is a valuable addition to ones lifestyle that will ignite and maintain balance and serenity throughout life. Our mental health is a priority that should be celebrated. When we step into our greatness we not only find happiness but we share that light with others in turn creating spaces of LOVE!

Join our newsletters to know when Lit Unity will provide the spaces for self-care experiences such as Journaling & Meditation, Candle Workshops, Community events, and much more!

Remember, self love is the best way to love!


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